Deal Castle

Another classic Henry VIII ‘Tudor Rose’ style coastal fort that is located just outside of Deal town centre, and not far from the similarly designed Walmer Castle. Although small and squat looking from the outside, it is actually much bigger once you are inside as the castle is spilt between a number of floors, and is in fact quite a maze with all the interconnecting stair cases. The inside is pretty spartan, however this is made up by the fact that it has retained a lot of its original features as a military fort, and also by the fact that you can pretty much visit everywhere in the castle.

Deal Castle moat and outer walls.
Deal Castle moat and outer walls.


The highlight from my point of view was the basement gallery called “the rounds” that wound its way around the edge of the castle with small windows looking out onto the floor of the moat. Sadly the windows do not provide enough light in places so I had to use my phones flash to light the way, had I known beforehand I would have brought a torch. The floor of the tunnels were also extremely wet and partially flooded in places, so I would advise wearing either a pair of wellies or walking boots if you are visiting.

Due to the short amount of time it takes to explore Deal Castle, I would recommend visiting the nearby Walmer Castle on the same day, as it was built to roughly the same design, but has been transformed into a stately home over the years, complete with landscaped gardens. It’s only a short drive down the road from Deal, or, if you fancy it, a 30 minute walk along the beach.


Deal Castle

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Deal Castle 51.219426, 1.403549


Deal Castle Entrance

 Bastions and Inner Citadel

 Lower Rooms

 The Basement Gallery: ‘The Rounds’

Upper Floors in Citadel


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english heritage

Deal Castle is operated by the English Heritage, and the cost of admission is detailed on their website. If you are planning on visiting a number of English Heritage properties throughout the year then it is advisable to buy a membership as it is more cost effective. Please click on the image above for more details.

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